PT Bio Farma


Bio Farma is a State-Owned Enterprises in Bandung , Indonesia which produces vaccines and sera to support immunization in Indonesia and in other countries. Bio Farma has entered into a pre-qualification list of the World Health Organization ( WHO ). Bio Farma vaccine produced vaccine consists of virus (vaccines against measles , vaccine poliooral vaccine and hepatitis B), and bacterial vaccines (vaccine DTP vaccine TT , vaccines DT , and vaccine BCG ). Since 1997 until today, Bio Farma vaccines to many countries through UNICEF , PAHO and other buyers. Currently the production capacity reached around 1.1 billion doses.


Jl. Pasteur No.28
Bandung Jawa Barat Indonesia 40161
Phone : +62 22 2033755
Fax : +62 22 2041306

Key Executives

M. Rahman Rustan : President Director/CEO
Pardiman : Director of Finance
Sri Harsi Teteki : Director of Marketing
Disril Revolin Putra : Director of Human Capital
Juliman : Director of Production
Ardiansjah Azhari : Director of Planning & Development

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