PT LEN Industri (Persero)


Established since 1965, LEN (National Electronics Institute) later transformed into a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in 1991. Since then, Len is no longer an extension of the National Electronics Institute (LEN), but it has become a professional business entity under the name of PT Len Industri. Len is currently under the coordination of the Ministry of State Enterprises with 100% ownership by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. During this time, Len has been developing business and products in the field of electronics for industry and infrastructure, and has demonstrated experience in the field: Broadcasting, for more than 30 years, with hundreds of TV and radio transmitters that have been installed in various regions in Indonesia; Telecommunications infrastructure network that has stretched both in large cities and remote areas; Electronics for defense, whether by land, sea, or air; Railway Signalling systems in various railway lines in Java and Sumatra; Power Electronics systems for electric trains; Solar Power Plant which has been installed in various parts of Indonesia.


Jl. Soekarno Hatta 442
Bandung 40 254
+ 62-22-5202682 (Telp)
+ 62-22-5202695 (Fax)

Key Executives

Abraham Mose : President Director/CEO
Darman Mappangara : Director of Technology & Manufacturing
Adi Sufiadi Joseph A. : Director of Marketing & Business Development
Tri Andayani : Director of Finance & Human Resources
Muradi : President Commissioner

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