PT Pos Indonesia (Persero)


Pos Indonesia has several times changed status from PTT (Post, Telegraph and Telephone). Business entities led by a Chief of Bureau’s operations are not of a commercial nature and function more geared to hold public services. The development continues until the status of a State Enterprise of Post and Telecommunications (Postel PN). Observing the times in which the postal sector and telecommunications is growing very rapidly, then in 1965 changed to the State Enterprise of Post and Giro (PN Post and Giro), and in 1978 turned into Perum Pos and Giro that since this is confirmed as a corporation sole in organizing giropos postal service and good for relations within and outside the country. For 17 years the status of Perum, then in June 1995 turned into a limited liability company under the name of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero). Over time, Pos Indonesia has now been able to show his creativity in the development of the field of postal Indonesia by utilizing the infrastructure network in its possession that reaches about 24 thousand service points to reach 100 percent city / county, nearly 100 percent of districts and 42 percent of the urban / rural, and 940 remote locations in the Indonesian transmigration. Along with the development of information, communication and technology, networking Pos Indonesia already has a post office 3700 online, mobile and equipped elektronic posts in several major cities. All points are chain connected to one another by a solid and integrated. Postal system was created to facilitate the processing of postal items where every inch of the area in Indonesia can be identified accurately.


Jl Cilaki No 73
Bandung, Jawa Barat

Key Executives

Gilarsi W. Setijono : President Director/CEO
Indruwani Asikin Natanegara : Director of Technology & Financial Services
Poernomo : Director of Finance
Febriyanto : Director of Human Resources & General
GNP Sugiarta Yasa : Director of Retail & Property
Agus Fatkhurohman Handoyo : Director of Mail & Package

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