PT Pupuk Kujang


PT Pupuk Kujang is a subsidiary of fertilizer SOEs in Indonesia, namely PT Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company. The main raw material in the manufacture of urea is gas, water and air. The third raw material is processed to produce ammonia and urea eventually become. Provision of natural gas came from Pertamina and other private gas company taken from the sea off the coast of Java, while the raw water taken from Perum Jasa Tirta II Jatiluhur-Purwakarta. To take advantage of the operational excesses Fertilizer Plant Cleaver then built several subsidiaries, is a Joint Venture with the private sector in the country and abroad. Currently, PT Pupuk Kujang have 5 (five) subsidiary is a joint venture with the private sector, namely: PT Sintas Kurama Perdana which produces formic acid, PT Multi Nitrotama chemistry that produces Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid, PT Peroxide Indonesia Pratama producing Hydrogen Peroxide, PT Cleaver Sud-Chemie Catalysts that produce the catalyst, and the latter is PT Kawasan Industri Kujang Cikampek managing land PT Pupuk Kujang Region.


Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 39
Cikampek 41373
Kabupaten Karawang – Jawa Barat
(0264) 316141, 317007
TOLL FREE : 0800-100-3001
(0264) 314235, 314335

Key Executives

Nugraha Budi Eka Irianto : President Director/CEO
Hanggara Patrianta : Director of Technic & Development
Indra Armansyah : Director of Human Resources & General
Rita Widayati : Commercial Director
Maryono : Production Director

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